Commercial (And Historical) Route To NBTV

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Commercial (And Historical) Route To NBTV

Postby Phil Hunter » Mon May 14, 2007 9:33 am

Coming from a totaly non electronic and non television background I feel very lucky that I started an active interest in mechanical television at a time when equipment is again available "off the shelf" - (the first time since the 30's ?)

I now run a MUTR Televisor in conjunction with Darryl Hock's Aurora SC 30/32 converter (with CD backup)
Live mechanical television is now available to me and gives me a (distorted) glimpse into what a 1930's paying customer would have seen. The medium's limitations, (best results obtained in a darkened room, line of site viewing and therefore single person participation, keyhole distortortion, picture flicker and picture breakup - for all reasons) make the system crude by todays standards, so a certain ammount of "re conditioning" has to take place before the 32 line picture can be appreciated as a viewing medium in its own right.

My main interest now is to research the original Baird / BBC 30 line broadcast material and to effect some form of re creation for NBTVA members.
Anyone with any comments, advice, information or interested in a re creation project please let me know.
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Postby DrZarkov » Mon May 14, 2007 4:31 pm

Of course I'm interested in getting content for my NBTV-monitor! there is not much original material left, but in Germany some old scripts are left, I think at the BBC, too? Maybe it would be a good idea to remake some of the original TV-programmes. We need not to be afraid that it could look amateurish, I bet it wasamateurish from modern points of view in that time, too. (Just compare "A man with a flower in his mouth" with modern standards.)

For commercial material I recommend, there you find very old (mostly silent) movies or cartoons which are now free for use. I've converted a "Betty Boop" and "Bugs Bunny" for testing, it is quite o.k.

Not completely legal, so not for distribution, is material I found using "eMule". Very good looking is a short film from the french actor and singer "Fernandel", singing "la tango corse". A lot of portrait shots, like made for NBTV. Unfortunally not free, I think...
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Original 30 line test cards.

Postby Viewmaster » Mon May 14, 2007 7:53 pm

It's also nice to use original test cards as used by the BBC.
On this site can be found old 30 line test cards and captions. Also a test card for those using a manual sync adjustment....juggle with the ball and the line!
Also 30 line test cards to test high/low freq. response.

Plenty of 405 line cards here too etc.. B/W and colour.

Then follow the links.

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