Internal BBC memo re: Baird Televisor

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Internal BBC memo re: Baird Televisor

Postby Andrew Davie » Mon May 14, 2007 11:48 am

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Andrew Davie
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Postby Steve Anderson » Mon May 14, 2007 12:50 pm

It's a shame the BBC couldn't afford a decent typewriter...

Here's the link to the start of the same BBC thread on the early days of 'the box'.

Now, I don't know how the BBC or other 'government' departments work in the UK. Here any 'government' department that purchases anything cannot dispose of it. Even if it's outmoded, broken or simply just not needed. That includes things like broken desks and chairs! There are huge warehouses full of stuff going back decades if not centuries!

I have been trying to 'aquire' a couple of Otari quarter-inch open reel tape recorders for ages. There are 23 in storage and the last time I saw them they were in excellent condition. (Basically never used). Even with my wifes amazing 'connections' I'm starting to give up hope.

Going back to the BBC, a chap I knew decades ago used to pass by the back of the BBC at White City on his way to work. It's amazing the stuff he retrieved from their skips (dumpsters). I doubt you could do the same today with the hightened security.

Steve A.
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