Prebuilt LED bulbs

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Prebuilt LED bulbs

Postby Andrew Davie » Thu May 17, 2007 2:58 pm

Why aren't we using prebuilt LED bulbs for our display matrix? eg: ... 0110289082

Has anyone tried these?
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Postby DrZarkov » Thu May 17, 2007 4:50 pm

Two possibilites:
a) They are running on 12 Volt, but then they would have much more than 1 Ampere.
b)They run on 230 Volt (or 110 Volt in some countries). People with basic skills in electronics (like me) don't like to mess around with that...
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LED 'clusters'.

Postby Steve Anderson » Thu May 17, 2007 6:51 pm

I bought a whole load of LED torches (flashlights) in China about a year ago, 5000 of them (see pic). They cost less than US$0.90 each.

Each one comprises ten white LEDs, case, a four function switch and crappy batteries are included.

The amazing thing is the little brass ring in the centre, this is a Laser diode/pointer, also included within the price. I sold most of them on at an obscene profit, but kept a handful for experimentation.

The LEDs are OK for use as a torch/flashlight in the dark, but not bright enough for use with NBTV.

The ones in Andrews photo look like they're designed for low-voltage lighting, probably 12V. It's just the fact that in both cases the shape is a little awkward to accomodate.

Alternatives are the 'Luxion' white LEDs, these are very bright, but do guzzle power like it's going out of fashion, they also need some form of heatsink to keep them cool. There's been a few items about them in the newsletter over the years.

As for one amp., I'm OK here, I've got a power supply from an old Grass Valley video effects generator rated at 5V/, that's not a typo..

Steve A.
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