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Televisor with a Twist

PostPosted: Wed Dec 30, 2015 6:54 pm
by McGee2021
So, with all of my questions lately, i'm finally revealing what has taken me so long to plan. The wiring of my tv, all except the light source, will be of a Baird televisor. The cabinet of the tv will be in the style of a Western Empire State lens disk receiver, but with a club disc. I might put a Fresnel lens for projection, but for now that not a necessity to me. it will incorporate a sewing motor, the motor's mains leads will have the positive side connected to a potentiometer, which in turn is connected to the wandering lead on the terminal board. The wandering lead will be connected to one of 12 connections, each going to a resistor connected in series to the others. the far lead of the resistors will go to the positive of the mains. the neutral lead of the motor will go directly to the mains. The sync on the motor will go to two leads on the terminal board. For the light source, i will use the driver of Klass Robers' design. the video input will go to tw leads on the terminal board. there will be a power supply hooked up to the mains leads on the terminal board for the twelve volts needed. the leds would be placed normally. There will be a total of 18 connections on the terminal board. i will hook this up to a radio as would be done with a televisor originally for display, but the radio would be in the cabinet of the tv. there would be two radios, one for sound, one for picture. i am working on a transmitter of my own design using valves for my camera. hopefully, they will work as baird originally broadcasted television. If this does not work, i have devised a way of transmitting analog over the telephone

Sorry for the long description. :oops:

Re: Televisor with a Twist

PostPosted: Fri Mar 18, 2016 4:13 am
by Brigham
I use the same Baird-style arrangement for controlling the motor speed, except that instead of the terminal board I use a long wire-wound resistor with a 'rider', a moveable strap to vary the amount of resistance in circuit.
I'm hoping to have some Western 45/15 triple-interlace bead discs made. They may well work as a projector using a Luxeon and a ground-glass screen.
A projection arrangement is necessary for the Western Model 41 or Empire State, they are both 'screen' sets, designed to be viewed at a distance, rather than being 'looked into'.
It will be my first attempt at American-style horizontal scanning. Do you have cabinet dimensions?

Re: Televisor with a Twist

PostPosted: Fri Mar 18, 2016 1:00 pm
by McGee2021
Brigham wrote: Do you have cabinet dimensions?

By god, I wish i did!