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Colour proposal

Postby Lowtone » Sun Feb 11, 2018 10:31 pm

In the 1920's in cinema they used to colour some scènes in movies.

Here is a good exemple

There was no real colour code. They usually used blue for outdoors, red for summer etc… but each filmmaker had a different manner to use colour.

So this morning i had the idea that we can colourise NBTV this way.
The point is to take advantage of the multicolour LEDs.
Within the signal we can encode some colour code that is sent to the single LED.
It can change colour at each shot.
We can somehow combine RGB values in order to get all the colours.
They can be coded with a suble tone in the upper frequencies, or sent digitally.

The only thing that this sytem can not replicate is the toning of the films.
As you can see in the exemple above, they colour the white, but also can colour the black ( and also both at the same time resulting in bicoloured pictures )
My system only colours the white.
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