4046 again any input welcome !

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4046 again any input welcome !

Postby Harry Dalek » Sun Mar 01, 2020 11:28 am

I am constructing motor control for the phonoVision platter if at all possible ...i am going to use the recorded record sync for the encoder idea the feed back and a clean 400 hz clock to control from .....this way i thought any recorded sync speed change in the tracks might be able to be kept on frequency .
I want this to be crystal so will use a 4060 as a crystal oscillator feed both to a 4046 pll i would like to try this again as i have a fair few laying about .
Most of the time for nbtv there's not much torque needed just really turn what ever nbtv size disc you have here it will have to help the ac motor or turn the platter on its own depending on how it go's .
I am going to use Klaas's circuit and Steve's schmitt trigger ,sync detection done via another club circuit already working tested only from a clean video so far .
My worry is noise and the odd loss of a sync pulse or a noisy pulse might be a big problem .

Also i have a fair few HC versions of the 4046 but i have never seen them used on the forum for motor control i know they are 5 volt versions and i have 5 volts on my board ..i am up to building this stage so i have added a voltage select in case i can use either the 5 or 12 volt versions ,i would like to see if different versions of the chip are the same or not out of interest using ic sockets so easy to swap .

Mainly posting this up in case any thoughts on the subject i have missed ,only two things i have not tried on syncing the Platter is this or Stepper motors which vibrate to much and are noisy but for speed control much better...i know there is a slight speed change in the recording track spiraling as the recording gos on i thought this would be a way to correct this .
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