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Postby Viewmaster » Wed Oct 01, 2008 7:33 pm

gary wrote:
Viewmaster wrote:
I don't have this kit but if it syncs for some and not for others, the variable factor seems to be either the spacing of sync sensor or whether the sync holes are all 'clean.'

Whilst the distance of the disk from the sensor is important it doesn't seem to be all that sensitive, and certainly doesn't take very long to get right (my disk wobbles like your sister Kate and it still works fine).

There are no sync holes. The sensor is of the reflective type and the disk has a strobe type encoder disk on the back.

Could it be the radial position of the sensor?....some kits built nearer to the outer part of the encoder stripes and others nearer to the inner part?
Maybe this is not possible if positioning is all pre drilled etc.

If it's a kit with a pcb and all motors are the same then there must be some variable between kits so far not spotted.....dry joint! :lol:
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