Modern Day Scophony Replica

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Modern Day Scophony Replica

Postby Robonz » Wed Dec 05, 2018 6:57 pm

Hi guys

Since Harry introduced me, I always wanted to build a Scophony mechanical TV. I now have a new mechatronics intern who is keen to put some hours in and he also has a great attitude so that's a win. We have now started a build. Due to the optics challenges, there is not much chance we can replicate the complex lenses and optical modulators. We have opted to use a laser to simplify those constraints and focus on the lovely scanning system.

Once we have the scanning going I will need some resources which I hope I can find. 1) A signal source, I am trying to talk Andrew into this. Basically a high speed SD card WAV file player with an RGB and sync output. The other thing I will need is an AVI to 60 line RGBA 25fps wav file generator. The A being Audio.

Specs are planned to be
60 lines - 25 fps - RGB colour
Firt mirror polygon 18 faces @ 5000 rpm
Second mirror drum 12 faces @ 125 rpm
Screen size around 160 x 120mm = 4:3 aspect ratio

Here is the first video of hopefully many more. I hope you can offer some enthusiasm to keep us going to completion and possible support for the 2 issues we see coming...

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