Photomultiplier Tubes camera build

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Re: Photomultiplier Tubes camera build

Postby Harry Dalek » Sun Sep 10, 2017 2:57 pm

viya0414 wrote:The yellow output of white LEDs is generated from the UV excitation of a phosphor which can be quite slow in response time. Though the PMT shouldn't much respond to it, why throw another potential variable into the equation? White LEDs are marginal even for NBTV, they may get better with time but generally white LEDs are used in flashlights and other simple devices where human eyesight is involved - and that's not particularly fast.

If you are meaning the lighting used ..... pretty much room light via natural day light ..
i tried a little bit of lighting to my test cards seemed fine what i used apart from it was not a great uniform light source had no problems with the white light leds ,the PMT might be more sensitive to the UV end of the spectrum i think but seems good enough the lower end as well .
The electromagnetic spectrum has no theoretical limit at either end. If all the mass/energy in the Universe is considered a 'limit', then that would be the only real theoretical limit to the maximum frequency attainable.
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