Photomultiplier tube lucking it

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Photomultiplier tube lucking it

Postby Harry Dalek » Mon Feb 20, 2017 10:34 pm

My first new subtopic
I had been talking with Troy and we were chatting about PMTs and for me luck i have had with this build so far is of cause big Help i have got from Klass and Steve and others good advice,.
There were a few things that made this thing work as a camera at the stage i was at using the PMT for it .
A power supply that was variable or in my case switchable in 100 volt Intervals if i had just a power supply of 1000 1200 volts my tube would over overloaded i would of failed
Light proofing the case was another thing where i had failed in the past ,doing this made it also workable.
The lens also was a problem for me and i lucked a old camcorder scrapped lens that worked fine first go and i found it was more lining up the lens to the correct position for the nipkow after many trys to repeat the first lens system.
And after testing with a 50 hz transformer voltage multiplier rather dangerous i found a battery inverter was just as good a lot safer ...lucking it here is i haven't been shocked yet or never i hope !
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