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Re: 405/625 lines SSTV system

PostPosted: Fri Dec 08, 2017 5:04 am
by OmegaProductions
Hello guys in NBTV!! :D
I've had some news for you all!! I have thought of a clue of how to make it get up to 405/625 lines. I have looped the same audio of the colour bars signal, doubling up from 1 to 3 minutes. VERY SLOW SCAN INDEED! But I still can't playback the signal yet, if there is no programme for any line resolutions, then it could probably work on some homemade SSTVs. I will think of planning to do a mechanical project, but it has to be crude for my construction. But anyways, that's all I had to say! This is me Dylan signing out and goodbye!!!! :D :) :wink:
405-line SSTV sample thumbnail!.png
405-line SSTV sample thumbnail!.png (206.03 KiB) Viewed 2865 times


Re: 405/625 lines SSTV system

PostPosted: Mon Jan 08, 2018 5:07 am
by Lowtone
OmegaProductions wrote:analogue TVs have 405 and 625 lines, but for SSTV, they only have 250 lines (Betamax quality).

405 and 625 were the horizontal lines of the picture ( including the lines used for the synch pulses, and not visible ).

With a 625 line system, only 576 lines are used for the picture itself.

As for Betamax, it is 576 lines too.
The 250 refers to the "dots" per line = the vertical resolution.

OmegaProductions wrote:my computer does not have the microphone jack connectors.

It's usually best to use connectors, especially line-in.