The Complete Handbook of Slow-Scan TV.

Resources for the 7-8 second analogue monochrome SSTV mode as devised by Copthorne McDonald in the late 50s.

The Complete Handbook of Slow-Scan TV.

Postby Steve Anderson » Sat May 05, 2018 8:24 pm

I found this pdf version of "The Complete Handbook of Slow-Scan Television" by Dave Ingram, April 1977, at the Internet Archive.

Although I have a copy of the printed version a pdf back-up is always a good idea. Useful reference for those that don't have a copy at all.

The pdf version doesn't have the complete scans of the fold-out circuit diagrams (pp193-208), they are quite wide. I'll scan them and add them to this posting soon.

Steve A.

Damn, it's too large to upload here (35MB), if you want a copy let me know via PM (along with your e-mail address), make sure your in-box can take a single file of that size and has enough remaining space. (Mine doesn't - must have a weed-out).
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Re: The Complete Handbook of Slow-Scan TV.

Postby Dave Moll » Sun May 06, 2018 5:58 pm

An alternative would be to use PDFsam (free to download) to split it up into chunks small enough to upload (or email without breaking people's limits).
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