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Magic Smoke

Postby Andrew Davie » Mon May 08, 2017 11:31 pm

The small mono amplifier board I ordered April 19th arrived today. I've been in the middle of a mild cold the past 4 days or so, and mentally I haven't quite been present. Anyway, got the board at work and was eager to hook it up and see how it sounded when I got home.

The amplifier I used before (mini Champ) is rated at 0.5W. This new one is rated at 35W. I have no idea how this measurement relates to volume, but it LOOKS louder :) Anyway, soldered everything up and gave it a go. Nothing. Power off, check the connections are solid - all OK. Powered it up, nothing. Sat there and pondered for a bit...

... is that smoke?.... YES!! OMG....

So I turned everything off and noticed the power wires were pretty much bubbling from the heat. Bummer. Unhook it all, and have a look at the damage, then. OK, speaker wires look OK, and they're connected to the power in, and the power wires, well they're smoking molten and they're... uh.... connected..... to the speaker out... Uh.... Somehow in my muddled state, I managed to reverse the speaker out and the power in wiring. Well, after rewiring, it doesn't work so I guess that's that. Another 5 week wait for the replacement. I should know by now to buy things in triplicate, especially at just a few dollars each.

I should have known not to do anything electronic today - when I cleaned up all the cups and plates from my work-room, somehow I ended up down in the kitchen with a roll of toilet paper in my hands, too. I have no idea how that happened!

Anyway, pretty annoyed with myself. I checked the wiring SO carefully - positive and negative all OK. I just didn't read the labels. Duh.

On the upside, it appears that I did not fry my Arduino, so that's lucky. I'm going to get another spare, though, because I've realised how reliant I am on some components not being destroyed.
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