Parts list/cost

A "new fashioned" televisor, using an Arduino to drive the motor and display.

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Parts list/cost

Postby Andrew Davie » Sat May 13, 2017 4:36 pm

Here's the list of components and my purchase cost in US$

Arduino atmega32u4 processor $3.82
TIP122 transistor $0.11
IRL540 mosfet $0.33
IR diode (pair) $0.11
5cmx7cm board x2 $0.52
terminal connectors (2pin) x 8 $0.45
LEDs (24 = 8x3 matrix) $0.57
resistors (various x 12) $0.30
Nextion 2.4" display $15.50
motor $0.91
MicroSD card class 10, 8GB $6.00
O-ring for drive belt $0.10
3D printed pulley pair $0.20
mount for motor $0.30

So that's all I can think of - total cost excluding BYO Nipkow disk + hub = US$30
Of course to get these prices I bought most items in buik. If you're doing a build....
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Re: Parts list/cost

Postby Harry Dalek » Wed May 24, 2017 5:29 pm

Thats pretty good Andrew amazing ...theres always a problem repeating a design as i have found out mainly in mistakes in schematics i can only think as with a normal televisor all motors are different here the problems may come .
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