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A "new fashioned" televisor, using an Arduino to drive the motor and display.

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Museum Quality

Postby Andrew Davie » Thu Jun 08, 2017 1:43 am

I stopped by my local museum today, because I'd heard they have a science exhibit coming in August. I had in my long-term plans to make my televisor a stand-alone unit with all of the "reconstructions" of actual 1920s/30s TV recordings and also some select clips which seem relevant. That's what I've been building with my LCD user interface. I have had some correspondence with Don McLean - who did the processing on the extant Phonovision and Games disc recordings, and my understanding is that he supports the use of his work for educational and museum purposes. Anyway, I went to the museum to ask about what the exhibit was about and if they were collaborating with my workplace (CSIRO). I mentioned my televisor and that I would eventually like to donate one to the museum. There seems to be some interest in this, especially for their "hands on" education unit for kids. I'll need to make a robust and finger-friendly version, but I was pleased that there seemed to be some genuine interest in what I was offering. I've always planned to build 10 or so units - that's why I've been ordering multiple quantities of things. So, watch this space, I guess.
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