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New Forum - Construction Diaries

Postby Andrew Davie » Tue Feb 14, 2017 1:47 am

You may notice under NBTV at the top there is now a "Construction Diaries" sub-forum.

Any projects which could benefit from moving into their own sub-forums (so there can be multiple posts on the construction rather than one super-long thread) we can as admins create the new forum, and move the existing posts.

The concept is like this

--> construction diaries
---> diary name
---> topic 1
---> topic 2
---> topic 3, etc

So the topic threads are all belonging to the diary in which they are posted. Will make it easy to review and revisit parts of a build that are interesting - e.g., if you have motor problems, or want to comment on that area, create a motor-specific thread in your diary. Thread titles are free-form, so use whatever you want. This will let people easily find bits they are interested in, and not have to read super-long threads to understand a project.

If you want to move any threads, and consolidate "builds" into the "construction diary" please let me know which threads from NBTV to move, and I'll do that! You could do that as simply as posting a reply in the thread saying "Please move this to a construction diary named 'xxx'"
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