Electronics using Andrew's Arduinovisor PCB

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Re: Electronics using Andrew's Arduinovisor PCB

Postby Andrew Davie » Sat Sep 09, 2017 7:44 pm

Just for the record, the Arduino auto - detects if there is a Lcd present, and if not then it will auto - play all of the videos on the SD card in an endless loop.
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PCB mods and feedback

Postby Robonz » Thu Sep 14, 2017 2:18 pm

Hi Andrew, here is the feedback on the PCB as promised and my recommendations if you were to do a respin

Modifications chosen for my build.

Only one switchmode power supply is needed. What was really needed was capacitors to get rid of power supply and light source noise. Here are the mods I did to make this a one power supply solution using a standard 12V laptop style brick to supply the power.

1) Fit a 2.5mm jack as everything uses this and it can be unplugged
2) Remove the 7V powersupply on PCB
3) Remove the 12V powersupply on PCB
4) Jumper 12V to 15V where 12V powersupply was.
5) Fit a 470uf 25V capacitor across the 12V where the 12V power supply was
6) Fit a 470uf 25V capacitor across the 12V where the 7V power supply was
7) Fit 2 x 470uf 25V capacitors directly across the main motor.
8) Jumper the powersupply 5V out to the 5V pin on the Arduino
9) Add 47uF 16v capacitor acrros the 5V and ground on the Arduino
10) Added 4 pin connector for optocoupler. Used standard stepper motor pre made cable
11) Added socket for Arduino in case I needed to replace it.

Possible Improvements
1) Connect the flood plane to gnd
2) Label the sensor pin long lead/short lead instead of plus minus
3) All pad annular rings are small. Rule of thumb is make them a big as possible unless forced to go smaller
4) Make speaker a 2 pin 100mil pitch Arduino plug
5) Make some 3mm mounting holes with clearance for screw heads etc

TX and RX on the TFT are correctly labeled, do not change. There is a sneaky 10K pull up on the SD card if you look too.

And some pictures of the mods



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