New edition of the website "Histoire de la télévision"

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New edition of the website "Histoire de la télévision"

Postby histv » Sat Feb 03, 2018 10:48 am

Dear colleagues,

I have the pleasure to inform you that I have launched a new edition of the website "Histoire de la télévision" at the following adress . I edited this website from 1999 to 2004, while lecturing on this matter at the Univesity of Brussels. It received a worldwide appraisal at this time, but I had to interrup this volontary work due a lot of other commitments. Now, it is back owith a new adress, with a new lay-out and a lot of new contents.

There is also a Facebook page here to which you are invited to subscribe to receive news on the updates :

The site aims to be a reference for researchers, professionals but also for the general public. History of television was during a long period written with nationalist approaches. The Internet has changed the things in good (plenty of archive documents are now available, without borders) and in bad (there is plenty of small sites with superficial information and inaccuracies). So, I am trying to meet the challenge : rewriting history taking account of a lot of new accessible documents, beeing precise and, on the same time, not too boring with erudition or technical details.

You will find on the site :

- articles on various historical questions, events, inventors, fantasies,...,
- access to an important collection of documents for the years 1870-1945
- access to videos on history of television, conferences of researchers,...
- ressources (links, bibliographies)
- news about conferences, call for communications,...

In the last weeks, I have already published some new articles with - I think - some new findings : on the success of early hoax in the 1880s, on the early idea of a Teleform by the physiologist JFG Mittag, on Thomas A. Edison communication policy with the telephot and colour television, and, just today, on Paul Nipkow, the origin of his invention of the electric telescope, the impact of the "Nipkow disc" and the glorification of the inventor by the Nazi regime. There is even a discovery : the X-Ray telephot proposed in 1896 by Robert D'Unger, the first ever proposal of an apparatus from transmission of (still) pictures using tubes for emission and reception.

The site is open to collaboration and I welcome original proposals. For exemple you will find on the site a paper by Mark Schubin, a reference researcher in US on early television, on Julian Ochorowicz a completely forgotten and nevertherless interesting Polish polymath, who was the first to imagine, in 1878, the visual transmission of operas.

I am sorry that the site is in French, but for non-French readers, I still advise to visit it. You will find a lot of rare documents in English, German, Spanish, Italian, Portuguese and even Russian. And the iconography is also very enjoyable.

The migration of the old site is still a work in progress. The part "Projet Mary Néant" (allusion to Joyce's television as Mary Nothing in Finnegans Wake) related to the relations of television with other arts will be migrated and enriched in a second step.

Any comments, proposals, identification of errors (always possible) or technical problems are welcomed. I may also have some request. For example, could some one provide me a picture of Baird 1932/1934 mirror drums transmitter and receiver ?

Thank you for your attention, have a nice reading...
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Re: New edition of the website "Histoire de la télévision"

Postby McGee2021 » Mon Feb 05, 2018 1:41 pm

histv wrote:Could some one provide me a picture of Baird 1932/1934 mirror drums transmitter and receiver ?

I might be able to find some pictures in all of the stacks of historical info i have printed off. Usually, whenever i find anything of interest to anybody in regards to early television, ill print it off and catalog it. Would you like pictures of the transmitter and receiver when it was new, such as pictures from the 20's and 30's, or would you like pictures of the apparatus in their current state, at least the equipment that still exist. PM me and i can probably provide quite a bit if you could give some time for finding everything.
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