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Document in french ( 1942 ) Baird, DuMont

PostPosted: Wed Jan 09, 2019 3:36 am
by Lowtone ... n_1942.pdf

The radio magasine was published during the war and refers to technical advances made from 1939 to 1942. The french standard is stated as still being 455 line, despite there was no transmissions anymore and Fernsehsender Paris only began in 1944 in 441 line.
At the begining there a reference to Baird that translated like this : "When we heard that the work of Baird, in England, leaded recently to perfect colour receptions, and even with a three dimentional effect, we can note with interest these improvements ( the first one is more natural )"
Page 113 articles about reserch about high definition ( about 600 line ).
P 120 article about CRT ( le tube à rayons cathodiques ), next page is about cameras.
Mention about Zworkyn p 122
p 124 a studio of Allen B. DuMont
p 125 «réduction de cadence» is about interlacing; seems that DuMont tried to interlace by 4 !
p 129, bottom right, text about americain interlacing and telecine
Last page, the works of Herni de France ( 729 line system ) with the controverted picture of Pétain ( but at that time people had to collaborate to have crédits )

The whole publication is in french language, with a very old style way to speak about technical stuff.