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MUTR pictures CD with upright and inverted video

PostPosted: Sun Jan 16, 2011 10:17 pm
by Klaas Robers
Here are the wave files for the MUTR CD with upright and inverted video.


In the mean time 8 new MUTR files became available and I processed all the MUTR files. The video amplitude and the black level was adjusted, sub-black spikes were clipped off and new really continuous sync was added to all 17 files.

The new files MUTR10 to MUTR17 are too long to place here. Zipping them gave almost no gain in size, but it did on the files MUTR01 to MUTR09. So I will post these files as ZIP-files.

You will find 19 .wav files.
MUTR01 to MUTR09 has the NBTV with upright video,
MUTR20 is a cross-over track,
MUTR21 to MUTR29 has the NBTV with inverted video.

- Download the zip-files and
- unzip the files,
- this will give you .wav-files MUTR01 to MUTR09 and MUTR20 to MUTR29.
- Prepare an audio recording list with the 19 files in alpha numerical increasing order.
- Record an audio type (no data!) CD-R disc in the mode DISC AT ONCE !

This should provide you with a CD of 19 tracks and a total playing duration of 11':36" with continuous video, that is with no interruptions, no pauses in between the tracks. You may check that by listening at the sound on the left (= video) channel of the CD.

The MUTR televisor wil synchronise and display the video contents of CD-tracks 1 to 9, or CD-tracks 11 to 19, depending on the polarity of your CD-player output. In fact all other televisors should do this as well.

Later: sorry, the is now at the bottom of the list, as I had to update that file. I found out that the previous file was the unzipped .wav file and much larger than the correctly zipped version of MUTR25.

Anyway it is remarkable that the zipped files of the files with upright video (MUTR01 to MUTR09) have different lengths than the files with inverted video. Ads Wave files they have exactly the same lengths. It looks as if the zip algorithm does some kind of guess and the file can be longer or shorter depending on the guess. Compare MUTR25 and MUTR 05, different lengths, but unzipped they are both 7925 kB. The only difference is the polarity of the video and audio.

All MUTR files on the web

PostPosted: Sun Feb 16, 2014 3:30 am
by Klaas Robers
To help Daan and Joost, two Dutch high school boys, living in Haarlem the Netherlands, and who made a Nipkow disc televisor monitor for their Physics "Research Task", I placed the complete contents of the MUTR disc on the web. Now they can make their own MUTR disc.

Go to and read how you can download all files and 'burn' your own 37 tracks CD with upright and inverted video signals.