48k 32 line testcards for Rydepier

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48k 32 line testcards for Rydepier

Postby dominicbeesley » Tue Jul 17, 2012 1:20 am

Hi, here's some testcards produced at 48k from new sources.

They should playback nicely at 48k samples per second rather than interpolating from 44.1kHz

The first one is a black and white 32 line test card I made to copy the original Grant Dixon's I used TCC Test Card Maker to make the image then NBSC record to record it with the lines nicely arranged to make the gratings look nice. It's not a perfect copy but displays well.

the others are some colour (NBSC) ones. These should play back in monochrome on B&W televisors.

The two testcards are quite short it might be worth making them longer by cutting and pasting in audacity, ensuring that you copy an integer multiple of a frames worth i.e. 3840 samples

Grant Dixon Test Card
(367.54 KiB) Downloaded 726 times
SMPTE/NTSC colour bars
(1.76 MiB) Downloaded 725 times
Zip file containing a wav with a selection of British TV idents
(19.35 MiB) Downloaded 654 times
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