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Postby ehabich » Fri Oct 19, 2018 9:37 pm

this is a question to Dr. Zarkov.

I just wanted to ask how the website got its name?

Okay (via Google):
"Dr. Hans Zarkov is a fictional character appearing in the Flash Gordon comic strip and the following serials, films, television shows and comic books.
Zarkov is a brilliant scientist who creates a rocket and forces Flash and Dale Arden to come with him to the planet Mongo, and fight against Ming the Merciless.
By the second storyline in the strip, Zarkov becomes a more sympathetic character who works with the heroes to become a regular companion."

Can someone on this forum tell me the meaning of this strobe wheel?
Is this design recorded anywhere and can it have formed part of a transmitter?
blacksun clean.jpg

If so, could a hypothetical text, image or sound added to the outer rim of the wheel be in any way decoded?

Best, Eric
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