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Postby Harry Dalek » Wed Mar 23, 2011 10:32 pm

Steve Anderson wrote:Harry, I look forward to whatever you can put up here if it relates to still pictures (SSTV) or moving pictures (NBTV). the origin being mechanical, electronic, or more often than not, a blend of both.

To that end some time ago I pondered on mechanical SSTV...I've not seen a reference to this as yet.

In June 2006 I started to rough-out an item potentially for the newsletter, but with everything else going on it hasn't gone any further. Re-reading what I wrote at that time it's the reverse of what is apparent in NBTV. That is the camera is much easier than the monitor/display. I wonder if a mechanical SSTV display could be done at all? Think of NBTV, then slow it down by a factor of anything from 50 to 100. Ideas welcome, but no prizes!

Some form of printing is an obvious solution, but that's permanent, not transient like a disc, drum or even a P7 CRT. No electronic memories, Silicon, magnetic-core or tape. Slugged or latching relays...OK....did someone say Uni-selectors?

Steve A.

Hi Steve

A bit of time to think about this one ...a while back when bigscreen Patrick
was still with us he had the idea of using glow in the dark toys stickers some how ...I tried the idea out...no good for a laser the red freq of the light is no good for this but i tried a luxeon its white light mix of colours hits the right freq for the glow in the dark sticker i piniched from my daughter ....it had a rather long fade delay ! infact we were talking about it could be good for SSTV some how ....a screen of this with a luxeon reflecting off a poygon for the scan line and a slow moving mirror i can see a working mechanical sstv for sure !
It would be better to make the screen phosphor but i would have to look into this in any case i was pretty impressed with the fade delay theres a video on my post .what number the delay was it might not have been a p7 but i have to look again with a picture rescanning it might not have to be .
Any case steve i think it could be done yes.
Look at this video looks like this paint is just right speed for sstv !

BTW my slow scan tv circuits have been posted in the NBTV magnetic deflection posts if you want to look.
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Postby Harry Dalek » Wed Mar 23, 2011 11:34 pm

gary wrote:A matrix of lamps (leds) with mechanical commutation - i.e. Bairds cinema solution - count as mechanical? Perhaps capacitors across each led to hold charge until next refresh. A bit too expensive for me to have a go at I think.

I was thinking today that guy that made the rotating 626line led display a lot of work and very costly and some times you can go to far which could be done cheaper and simpler .

On the scans Gary

It was an issue i didn't have and its very interesting being a valve and ic transistor model ! i want to find my valves now !
That's a great post for me i have time to read it now.
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