Thats not a laser this is a laser !

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Thats not a laser this is a laser !

Postby Harry Dalek » Wed Oct 12, 2011 7:58 pm

Hi i scrapped a 80s video player the type that uses Lp size video disc.
I am using the High speed motor for my project ...but i aways wondered how big the laser was in this monster player and i found this helium neon gas laser in side ..don;t think it would be any more powerful than a laser diode of today but what a neat looking thing !
I was you tubing to see if any one else has one and noticed of cause the laser gives out an orange light due to the neon ..with out a lens the light it could be used or a neon light for NBTV modulating ...what i find interesting to is the mirrors the 2 last ones look like they are on electro magnets ...very nice i will play with it one day .
And its nice to know what i have in the other spare player in the garage !
I read some where you would never pick up a helium neon gas laser at a garage sale i say perhaps as i found mine at the dump shop.
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