SD Cards anyone?

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Re: SD Cards anyone?

Postby Steve Anderson » Fri Jan 16, 2015 3:02 am

For more than one reason I'm actually overclocking the micro. The crystal is 18.432MHz which results in a 73.728MHz internal clock. Each instruction cycle is now only 54.25ns in duration, a +15% 'illegal' speed. But all so far is well and good.

If the SDHC cards appear not able to handle the task at 48kHz with SPI I have a FAT32 120GB hard drive that I can access in 16-bit mode. But it guzzles power like you wouldn't believe.

Steve A.

...and as dawned on me later that it's as convenient as being able to swap a SD card or a USB flash-drive between PC and this device, so that idea has gone down the pan.
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