Old stock video recorder "VCR-system"

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Old stock video recorder "VCR-system"

Postby DrZarkov » Tue Jul 01, 2014 3:54 am

Today I found at the German electronic shop "Pollin" an interesting item: Old stock Grundig VCR recorders: http://www.pollin.de/shop/dt/Mjg4OTgzOT ... 00aAV.html

For those not speaking German: The recorders are not tested, they have signs of use, some of them with slight damages on the outside.

For readers outside Europe: the "VCR-standard" was developed by Philips and Grundig in the 1970s. So VCR does not just mean "video cassette recorder", it is also the name of this standard. These recorders are of the second generation, stil compatible with Philips system, this means no longplay! (Cassettes run for 30-60 minutes.) Grundig and Philips developed different longplay systems, which were not compatible! (And made it a commercial desaster, as Betamax and VHS came out at about the same time...) So these recorders are an interesting item in video history. Many of these recorders were used in schools, at home they were never very popular as they were soon succeded with VHS, Betamax and the new Philips/Grundig standard "Video 2000", which was quite popular in Germany.

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