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Postby DrZarkov » Thu Jan 10, 2013 3:27 am

We don't have any B5 envelopes anymore at work since many years, because it costs the same to send B4 as it would be to send B5. And as long as 99,9999% of our letters are in A4, it was an easy decision.
In Germany there are the degrees
- postcard
- standard letter (20g)
- standard letter heavy
- big letter (up to B4)
- big letter heavy (up to 2000 g).

And to make it cheaper, there are special tarifs for sending printed information in an not closed envelope or for sending books up to 1000 g. But I'm afraid the club will not save any money at all, if the newsletter was transfered in a parcel to Germany and sent from here. (In fact, some German companies are sending their post from the Netherlands to save some money.)
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Postby Klaas Robers » Sun Feb 17, 2013 12:24 am

In the beginning (I was a member from Vol 5) the News Letter was wrapped to a size of 30 x 5 cm, so folded, almost rolled and squeezed; and with a brown sheet around it, fixed with the glue of the stamp. May be that this was the cheapes way of sending by post....., in the UK.

I know that the Dutch PTT didn't like it, although mechanical sorting was not yet operational. Here in NL paper posts should have certain minimal sizes and 5 cm was far too small. But when it comes from abroad.....
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