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Postby Harry Dalek » Sat Jun 30, 2012 2:11 am

gary wrote:
Is it in the first dvd ,i have the paper issues only back 2 years i will see if i can track it down.

Yes it is - V25-4

Thanks Gary i will look grahams work .

Yes no problems i couldn't guess that either ..what had me was the black of the cd ..and the texta seemed to work too i was wondering about that .

One of those thing now told i will never forget !

Just been playing around with the camera tonight.

Wouldn't be to bad if it were not this computer noise the head amp is picking up i was thinking it was the lap top screen but seems to be the pc its self ...

Not as good as the card shown but trying..its very steady plays very well on Doms no drift as well as garys.
BTW notice i did the koala Ears as nipkows :wink:
Heres test card i was trying to film
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