Sweetener Vs. Nitro-Benzene

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Sweetener Vs. Nitro-Benzene

Postby McGee2021 » Sun Jul 16, 2017 5:21 pm

Ive been working to model up parts for a Baird-Bush mirror drum, and now that i have had the second hardest part to find, the mirror drum, i just need to make the hardest part to find: the grid cell. I have always been fascinated by light modulation, and have for some time also been working on a jeffree cell, but the grid cell has always managed to evade me. I considered taking the risk of using nitro-benzene, or carbon disulphide, but i recently found a liquid with a higher Kerr constant than and of the dangerous chemicals needed to produce a Kerr cell. Anethole. Widely used as a sweetener, and derived from fennel and anise, it offers all of the benefits needed to produce a Kerr cell, minus the danger. After i get the mirrors for the Scophony project im working on, and the televisor replica assembled, i shall venture into a Safely Sweet Baird Grid Cell.

P.S, I have come across a 4 page pamphlet published by Baird Television Limited, describing the properties and benefits of the Baird Grid Cell, And an 8 page pamphlet describing how to assemble your Baird Mirror Drum kit, complete with instructions on the grid cell. If any body would like view these pamphlets, P.M. me

Research paper listing the Kerr constants of various pure liquids.

https://www.nist.gov/sites/default/file ... crd435.pdf
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