Make continuous big wav file from CD

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Make continuous big wav file from CD

Postby vk2zaz » Fri Aug 04, 2017 6:03 pm

Hi, not sure if this is done somewhere else in the forum, but may help someone.

1. Open Windows Media Player

2. Insert your CD, click the STOP button to stop it playing.

3. In the menu 'Rip Settings' select 'Format' WAV (lossless) as the output type.

4. Check all the tracks you wish to rip - generally all of them.

5. Click menu 'RIP CD' and media player will commence to rip the CD.
This will place a folder and the files in your Music Library (see My Computer)

6. Once ripping is completed, open the Music Library folder and the ripped folder ( My Computer/Music/........).
You should see all the files there as *.wav.
To make things easier for the next step, I renamed each file to a single number.wav (this removes spaces in file name).
i.e. 01 Track1.wav becomes 1.wave, 22 Track22.wav becomes 22.wav

To further make things easier for the next part.
Rename the ripped folder to RIP (or anything you like)
Copy the folder to the C: drive.

7. Download SOX for Windows and install it.

8. Open a DOS window to run SOX from the command line ([Windows Key] + [R] key, then type CMD and hit [Enter] key).

9. Type the following - one line at a time.

cd /RIP to get to the RIP folder

"c:/Program Files (x86)/sox=14-4-2/sox.exe" 1.wav 2.wav 3.wav result.wav *** NOTE INCLUDE THE DOUBLE QUOTES ***
( if your machine is 32 bit then then sox will be in the Program Files - not Program Files (x86))

This will concatinate 1.wav 2.wav 3.wav into a single file result.wav

Obviously you put as many files as you like in the command line - I did 1 to 18 as normal.wav and 20 to 35 as inverted.wav
i.e. sox 1.wav 2.wav 3.wav ...... normal.wav
sox 20.wav 21.wav 22.wav ..... inverted.wav

Once you have your BIG .wav files copied somewhere, you can delete both folder if you so desire.

You then should be able to play the resultant BIG wav file and maintain sync.

I am using a $10 MP3/WAV player mounted in the Televisor with the .wav files on an SD card
So everything is self contained, and running off a 12v plugpak to a 6v regulator.


1. Download and install AUDACITY (free) audio editor program.

2. Open Audacity

3. Menu 'File Open' and load your .wav file (OK to message)

3. Menu 'Edit' - Select - All

4. Menu 'Effect' - invert

5. Menu 'File' - Export - change the name as required and [Save] (answer OK to whatever)

6. Close Audacity - answer [No] to save changes.

You now have an inverted copy of the .wav file.

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Re: Make continuous big wav file from CD

Postby Klaas Robers » Fri Aug 04, 2017 8:10 pm

Of course I did quite some of these things when producing the NBTV-CDs. However I am unsure that a CD-player starts and stops exactly on the beginning and ending of the original .wav files. In a CD there is no addressing in the data. The address information is in the so called subcode, which has an increment of 1/75 of a second and is loosely coupled to the data. The data (sound) goes through a time base corrector, a variable length shift register, while the subcode goes around this circuit. In music it is not so important that a played file starts and stops at the millisecond precise. Normally one tenth of a second is precise enough.

However for NBTV video you need that, because when not you get a hick-up in the continuity of the sync. A Nipkow disc monitor will show this as a sudden "replacement" of the picture and a visable resynchronisation. Of course I had this too in the beginning and it took me quite some thinking and experimenting before I solved that problem.
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