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Re: The Beast

Postby Harry Dalek » Sat May 01, 2021 9:28 am

So far swapped over CRT guns on the H1025 and CRT control second circuit and beam does control beam cut out all is well and works i will jot the numbers down now and see !
Voltages to CRT at the moment ,second circuit i am increasing the focus to -800 as shown its a bit out on the second crt circuit mid 700's
Beam cut off is 54 volts on this CRT ,this second CRT circuit works as shown half way there .
Need to look at deflection balancing ,the CRT is very good on one axis size and position not so good on the other it was pointed out in the data and Steve due to the deflection plate positions you only get so much positioning control size i would like more control on the size but any way see what i can get out of it .
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