Tel-Instrument oscilloscope repair

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Re: Tel-Instrument oscilloscope repair

Postby Harry Dalek » Sat Jul 04, 2020 11:45 am

I did hope the problem was easier than it is so far all voltages seem fine i have the positive negative voltages on the vertical position pots .
I checked all the plugs tapping for any thing loose nothing looks bunt out power supply is fine regulators all working ...
I know you sort of need a scope to fix a scope i still do have my 1 MHZ little slab scope i was checking it with looks like any input waveform is still is travelling at least past the volts per div area as i can see and adjust the input level ...not so well on the second channel that i have found so far and no second trace can be selected ..nothing is showing up on the scope trace..
Checked some of the power transistors in the vertical deflection they seem ok reading the same with the meter so i don't think they are damaged .. mmmm
There's about 20 volts on both vertical deflection plates panel controls don't seem to change this ...
Trying not to unplug both boards and pull them out very hard to check every thing as is ...
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